So far.

I was scrolling back through the events and photos today, and it was a reminder that in 10 months quite a lot has happened.

For a start, we have been out together for 21 events, and we have raised nearly £3000 for local charities!

Here are a few highlights…

20130621 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 20130720 20130730 20130818 20130822 20130901 20130905 20131020 20131110 20131227600_329195512 600_329537502 600_338164992

So, what is coming up next? I am busy organising a few events for the sprint and summer – from a local off road runners vs riders challenge, to running/walking the Yorkshire 3 peaks and then the Welsh 3000s.

Could you organise an outdoor meetup for a charity that you support? It doesn’t have to be huge, it could just be a favourite walk, run or ride that you know nearby. If you have a bigger idea that you need help from others in the group to make work just let us know. Whatever the idea, we can make it happen!

This is all you need to do…

  1. Add a meetup with a date, time, location and a few details to our Meetup group.
  2. Tell people who you would like them to donate to – either to our charities, or add your charity to our Just Giving group.
  3. Invite everyone you know – in person, on Facebook, Twitter, email or shouting from the roof tops!

If you need any help, just ask me. You can contact me at any time through

We can do awesome things together.

Lets do this!


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